Saturday, January 29, 2011

LA Splash Pretty Jellyfish

How are you all doing today? Enjoying your Sat? I have had a very lazy day. I've pretty much done nothing, but read,run to the store and change my mani. I love days where I don't have to do anything. :-)

Today I have on an LA Splash polish, that I picked up last summer at Ulta. I completely forgot I even had it. It's called Pretty Jellyfish, and it's a pinkish lavender base with silver,dark purple and violet glitter in it. I had to use five coats, to get it to look like it does in the bottle, but being a glitter it dried very fast. It didn't take any longer to dry than when I do two coats with a reg. polish, so it was fine. It's really a pretty color. :-) LA Splash has quite a few unique colors. Especially glitters. I think I have five of them, but hope to get more soon.

You def. want to click on these to see this color better. :-)

Do you have any LA Splash polishes? I'm really interested in finding more swatches of them. I haven't been able to find many. If you know where I can see more, I'd love to know. :-)


  1. That is gorgeous! I would love to see more LA Splash swatches too. I may have to make an Ulta run!

  2. Que lindo!!!!
    Cheio de poás pequenos. Amei!!!!!!!


  3. I think my very first post was an LA Splash orange glitter. It was wild! And this one is beautiful on ya! :D

  4. Beautiful glitter! Love the close-up shot :)

  5. This is a gorgeous glitter. Don't think I have any LA Splash. I have load of LA Girl though. Love glitters.

  6. jaybird...Thanks! Ulta has quite a few, but there are tons of LA Splash on their own website too. I'm planning on swatching all of them that I have, but that doesn't even come close to half of them! lol

    Usei Hoje....Thanks! :-)

    Kimberly...Thanks! I had to go check out your swatch too! It's pretty! :-)I realized I have that same color too. It's called Sparkling Jellyfish. I love the sea themed names too.

    Jette Fromm...Thanks so much! :-)

    Luch....Thank you! I don't have any LA Girl polishes, but want some. I can't find them around here, so I'll have to order. I love glitters too! :-)

  7. LA Splash has quite a few unique colors. I would never expect these to be nail polish. I am also actually really interested in taking a look at their makeup, which looks awesome.

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