Wednesday, November 9, 2011

New Sally Hansen Gems Crush swatches and review!

Good evening! I have a great new Sally Hansen collection to tell you about. I had no idea there was going to be another SH collection out already. I found them at CVS. The collection is called Gem Crush. There are eight polishes, and they are all glitters! They look like a mix of the OPI Muppet collection and the China Glaze Eye Candy collection. I don't have any of the CG Eye Candy collection yet, but I do have all of the Muppets. I have to say, that I actually like the Sally Hansen collection better. The reason being is, they apply opaque in one thick coat, or two thinner coats. How great is that?! Also, they are fast drying, and they do dry very fast. I also love the brush. It covers most of my nail in one swipe. They are pretty much awesome all around. I have two of these to show you in this post, and will show you the rest in the next few days.

First, here is a pic. of all the bottles.

L-R Glitz Gal,Lady Luck,Big Money,Cha-Ching,Razzle Dazzler,Showgirl Chic,Be-Jeweled and Bling-tastic

I wore Showgirl Chic yesterday, and loved it! It's a silver glitter with blue hex glitter. It looks like a dupe to China Glaze Lorelei's Tiara. I used two coats, and application was wonderful.

Today, I have on Lady Luck which is a deep pink, with silver holo hex glitter. I used two coats, and application was great on this one too.

Bottom line.....if you are a glitter lover, you need to get these. :-) They are fantastic. This is one of my fav. collections in a while. I found them at CVS, and I think that's the only place they've been found so far. I'm not sure if it's a limited collection or now. Hopefully it's not, and that way they will be easier to find.

Thanks for reading, and have a great night. :-)


  1. Wow, if my CVS gets these I want them all! I was there today but they didn't have them :(

  2. OH My..those are gorgeous. We don't have a CVS around here..wonder if they will sell them anywhere else.

  3. Gorg! We don't have a CVS either ugh~

  4. sooooooooo prettty!:) I'm going to look for these!!!

  5. Wow this are beautiful.How much do they cost?

  6. very nice! I hope these come to Canada. How much do they retail for?

  7. My CVS doesn't usually carry special polishes like these.They have the regular Sally Hansen line,but I am more likely to find this at Walgreens. These two polishes are pretty! Looking forward to seeing the rest of your swatches,Ali!

  8. Stef...your box is being sent out today! :-)

    Kimberly...Thank you so much! :-)

    Nail Designs xox....Thanks! Keep checking, they just came out this week. I also saw them at Walgreens.

    Shally...Thanks! I just spotted them at Walgreens yesterday. :-)

    Freshie...Do you have a Walgreens?

    beahhh....Yay! Did you find them?

    Pinkbeauty_Love...Thanks! They were around $7

    Peace,Love, and Polish...Thank you! :-)

    Danielle...Thanks! They were around $7 I hope you are able to find them too!

    thalie...Thank you so much! :-) I really appreciate it. Good news....I saw them at Walgreens yesterday! Hopefully you'll be able to find them soon.

  9. This one is sooo pretty soo unique I have never seen anyth close to this glitter before@w@!!!
    following your blog :p

  10. oops..forgot to say, I was referring to Lady Luck LOL

  11. Boarbb....Hi! Thank you so much, and I really appreciate you following me too! :-)

  12. Hi there! Just wanted to let everyone know that I found these at Walgreens last night. They are gorgeous.