Sunday, November 27, 2011

OPI Ulta Holiday Exclusive Speak For Your-Elf!

Good afternoon! I have to apologize for not posting much in the last week. It's been really busy around my house, and I've hardly had a chance to sit down! We've had company,been shopping(lots)decorating for Christmas,cooking etc...I'm tired! I don't think I'm going to do much today. I'm ready for a lazy day! ;-) It is my stepson's birthday today, but he doesn't want to do much. We are having an awesome cake, and he wants take in, so it's an easy day.

This year Ulta has three Holiday exclusives again. Two of the three, are just renamed. One of them is an exact dupe to one of the Muppet polishes, and the other is a dupe for a Nicole by OPI. I picked up the red one, which is called Speak For Your-Elf! It's a gorgeous jelly red glitter, and I know it's a dupe to something, but it was so pretty, I had to get it. Also, being the red lover that I am, I kinda had to get it. ;-) It's very similar to China Glaze Ruby Pumps. However, I actually think I like this new OPI better! I know! Crazy! I never,ever thought I'd like something better than Ruby Pumps. ;-) I used two coats, and application was wonderful.

Thanks so much for reading, and I hope you are having a great Sunday! :-)


  1. Wow, wow, wow!
    What a great polish! I love the color and I´m very sad that its unpossible to get this here in germany.

  2. This is stunning! I wish I had an ulta near me!

  3. Oh good god this is a gorgeous color. I need another sparkling red like I need a hole in my head, but I'll probably pick it up anyway. LOL Gorgeous!!

  4. I read somewhere that this is almost an exact dupe to OPI-Smitten with Mittens released a couple years ago. It's really hard to find now, so I'm glad they came out with a similar one. It is a beautiful color!

  5. Sara...Thanks! I'm sorry you aren't about to find it where you live. :-( Have you checked online? I'm sure it will start popping up soon, if not already.

    Nail Designs...Thank you! Have you checked online??

    Megan...Ha,ha!!! You sound just like me! I'm such a sucker for reds! I couldn't pass it up....I even tried! ;-)

    Jill...Hmm..really? I hadn't heard that yet. I'll have to compare them, and see. Thank you! :-)

    Deborah...Thank you! :-)

    Sanna....Thanks! :-)

    Ashesela...Thank you so much! :-)