Monday, November 7, 2011

Lynnderella Bibbitty Bobbitty Boo Blue & OPI Roadhouse Blues

Good morning! Are you having a good Mon. so far? The weekends sure do fly by, don't they? It's a gloomy looking day here, so that doesn't make Mon. any better. It's sure making me lazy! It's almost 1pm and I'm still in my pajamas! I just cant get going today. I feel like crawling back under the covers and having a nice long nap. Maybe, I'll just do that. ;-)

I have on another Lynnderella polish today, and it just might be my fav. one yet. It's called Bibbitty Bobbitty Boo Blue. It has lots of different shaped blue glitter,round purple glitter, and silver hex pieces here, and there. Some of the blue shapes are squares,hex and round. It's a gorgeous polish! I'm in love with it. Application was great. One thing, that I really love about these Lynnderella polishes, is that they are so easy to apply in just one coat. That's pretty unusual with glitters. I applied it over OPI Roadhouse Blues, which is another great polish. It's a dark navy blue color, and application was wonderful. I used two coats of Roadhouse Blues.

First up, are pics. of the two together.

Close Up

OPI Roadhouse Blues on it's own.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you have a wonderful day! :-)


  1. Looks like fish scales! So purdy!

  2. Lynnderella polishes are so nice! Where do you buy them though? I've looked around a little bit but never found any information about that brand. :(

  3. It's so pretty I can't stop staring! I just ordered five new Lynderella's!

  4. Purdy!! It does look like fish scales.

  5. Hey
    I wanted to say I read your blog everyday and I like all your cool polish swatches

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  6. Wow!!! Bibbity Bobbity Boo is so gorgeous!! I like that it looks like fish scales!


  7. lepidopteria...Thank you! :-)

    Angie...Thanks! Ha,ha....I thought the same thing about fish scales! :-)

    Jennifer...Thanks so much! Lynnderella polishes are awesome! :-) She has a blog here.... Be sure to follow her, and you will know when she has her sales. She usually has them once, sometimes twice a month. She has a full time job, and does the polish on her own, so she can't be open all the time. I know she will be open again in Jan. for sure. Just follow her blog for updates. ;-)

    Peace,Love and Polish...Thanks! :-) I just ordered five more too! Which ones did you get?

    turtlechick12...Thanks! I think it looks like fish scales and it reminds me of water too.

    glamRuslooks...Thanks so much. I really appreciate it!. :-) I will def. check your blog out and follow you.

    Alexis...Thank you! :-)

  8. O.O Now that is some serious awesomesauce!!! AMAZING!!! :D

  9. I Drink Nail Polish.....Thank you! :-) I'm in LOVE with Lynnderella's polishes! They are def. awesome! All of them! ;-)