Saturday, November 5, 2011

Color Club Santa's Cinnamon

Good morning, and happy Sat!! :-) Do you have any fun weekend plans? I don't have anything planned, and it's nice. I've been super busy the last few weekends, and while it's all been fun, it's nice to have a free weekend.

Color Club has released an exclusive to Sally's Beauty holiday collection. There are six colors, and they are all scented. I'm excited that Sally's is starting to carry Color Club. Hopefully, they will continue to get new collections. I bought three of the holiday collection, and today I have on Santa's Cinnamon. First I have to say, that this polish smells really,really good. Seriously. I can't stop smelling my nails. People might star to think I have some kind of a problem! LOL! I caught myself sitting at a stop light yesterday, smelling my nails. If someone saw me doing that, they probably thought I was a little odd. ;-) This polish smells like red hots, or cinnamon gum.

Now, on to the actual polish. I love it! It's a red jelly with lots of red glitter. It's super pretty, and sparkly. A great polish to wear for the holidays. Application was great, and I have on two coats.

The first pic. is without a topcoat, and the rest are with.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you have a wonderful Sat! :-)


  1. <3 I love love LOVE this polish! <3 I'm actually wearing it right now. And yesss it smells so good! I can't stop smelling my nails too, rofl! XD They smell like cinnamon candies! Looks gorgeous on you!

  2. This is the only color from this collection I got, can't wait to wear it! I also hope this means Sally's is going to carry Color Club...I don't want to have to order my favorite base and topcoat online!

  3. I Drink Nail Polish....HA,HA! I'm not the only one who couldn't stop smelling my nails, then?!! really,really did smell good! :-) I love the color too! Thanks so much!

    Angie...Wouldn't it be great if Sally's starts carrying CC all the time?! I've never tried their base or top coats. I might have to.

    MagiccCat ★...Thank you! :-)