Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Deborah Lippmann Candy Shop

Happy pink Wed! :-) I have one of the newer Lippmann glitters to show you. Well, I say it's newer, but I guess it's been out since July. I swear, it seems like the last few months have flown by! It doesn't seem very long ago that it was July....and 110 degrees outside! I'm sure glad it's not that hot now though.

Anyway, Candy Shop is pretty much Happy Birthday with a med. pink base. It has small multicolored glitter, and multicolored hex glitter. It really does remind me of jawbreakers or gumballs.

I didn't have any problems with application at all. Sometimes with glitter polishes like this, they tend to be thick and goopey. This one wasn't like that at all. It was opaque in two coats, and dried fairly quickly.

I love pink, and I love glitter, so I ended up taking quite a few pics. That seems to happen a lot lately. ;-)

A few close up's.

Thanks for looking, and I hope you are having a great night! :-)


  1. OMGOSH i love love love this color it so pretty ... it remind me of cotton candy with sprinkle love it . great job, hope u can follow back im ur new follower love the page

  2. Britney...Thank you, and thanks so much for following me. :-) I appreciate each and every one of my followers. I will def. check out your blog, and follow you too! ;-)

  3. Oh man, this is so super pretty! It really looks like candy! :D

  4. This is really pretty. I wish she would change some of the colors in the glitters though!


  5. I Drink Nail Polish....Thank you! Doesn't it look like candy!? I think so too. :-)

    Alexisaurus....Thanks! I agree with you. Different colors, or/and different shapes. ;-)

  6. Ah, I love it! This looks like something I would wear for my birthday. Such a shame they are somewhat expensive. :/

  7. Kaci....Yes, yes you do! ;-) It's a great color!

    vanillakisses-xo....Thank you! It is def. a great polish to wear for birthdays. I agree, I wish they weren't so expensive. I was lucky, and got it on sale.