Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Pumpkin Mani. and more news on my dog.

Good evening! I finally got a call from my vet today. She was able to talk to the specialist, and got the okay to start reducing the Prednisone, which is great news. We're only going down to 15mg a day from 20mg but it's a start. Now, we just have to hope his blood levels stay up without the Pred. Also, they want me to bring him in for an ultrasound of his stomach tomorrow. They want to make sure the shaking/twitching is def. from the Pred. both our regular vet, and the specialist do think it's the Pred. but want to make certain of it. He did have x rays on Fri. that were clear. I'm of course quite nervous about the test, but hoping for the best. Our appointment is at 10:30 tomorrow morning, so if you could sent good thoughts,prayers etc..that everything turns out clear and good I'd really appreciate it....again. ;-)

I have another theme mani. to show you. Today, the theme was pumpkins. I started out using Kleancolor Metallic Orange. This is a gorgeous color! It practically glows. Application was wonderful, and I could have gotten away with one coat. I did two, but really didn't need to. I then added one coat of Love and Beauty Green Glitter. For the final part, I added some pumpkin sticker that I picked up from a local beauty store. I wasn't sure how this would turn out, but I really like it. :-)

Pics. of the finished mani.

Close Up.

Kleancolor Metallic Orange and Love&Beauty Green Glitter

Kleancolor Metallic Orange

Thanks so much for looking! :-) Hopefully, I will have a good update on Buster tomorrow. Have a great night!


  1. This Halloween manicure looks SO good! Love the close up shot! The glitter was awesome!

  2. It looked so cool even before the pumpkin!

  3. Fantastic mani, that orange is great! Hope everything goes well tomorrow with your pup, thoughts and prayers said!

  4. Your mani is adorable. And it is giving me ideas... :D

    I am keeping Buster in my thoughts. I hope that the little guy is much better, soon. Give him a gentle squish from me.

  5. Amazing Mani! Sooo cute!

    Also, I hope Buster will be okay!! Think positive!

  6. Such a greatest to kickoff Oct. Halloween manis!

  7. This is such a perfect fall manicure!! It's gorgeous! I am so sorry about your dog. I wish you all of the best.


  8. Love the pumpkins, looks really good! Sending healing thoughts and cuddles for Buster too, I hope he is OK :)

  9. lovveeee it , soo cool loll, and i hope all goes well tomorrow : )

  10. I'm loving that orange it's beautiful, and the green sparkle looks so good on top, I hope your pup is ok.

  11. The pumpkin stickers are so cute!!!!

  12. Really Nice Mani! Can't wait for Halloween :)

  13. imfeelingnail-venturous....Thank you! It actually turned out much better than I thought it would. :-) I try to always get a close up, but sometimes they turn out better than others. ;-)

    Stella.....Thank you! :-)

    imobsessedwithnails...Thanks! I was just going to put the pumpkin on my ring finger, but the sticker worked well (sometimes I have issues with stickers not sticking)so I added them all. ;-)

    Amber....Thanks! I love the orange too. I'm going to have to wear it on it's own sometime. All of the KC metallics are really pretty. Thanks for the good wishes for Buster. I really appreciate it! :-)

    Marcia ♥....Thank you so much! :-)

    Ice Queen...Thanks! I'm interested to see what your ideas are! ;-) I just love Halloween/Fall Manis. It's my fav. time of year. Thanks so much for your kind words about Buster. I truly appreciate it. He's my baby. I'll def. give him squishes from you. ;-)

    Nail Designs xox...Thank you! I'm trying REALLY hard to think positive. I just hope we'll get good news today. I'm so nervous right now. Ugh.

    Freshie...How have you been??? Thank you so much! ;-)

    Alexisaurus....Thanks so much! I really appreciate it. I'm a nervous mess right now. We leave for the vet in a couple of hours. Hopefully we will get some good news.

    BlingerNails....Thank you! I appreciate it so much. He's my baby, and I'm quite nervous. Poor Buster is SO hungry right now. He can't eat anything until we get home. He's walking all over the house looking for food. :-(

    nail loopy...Hey girly! Thank you so much! I really,really appreciate it.

    ♥beauxs mom...Thank you!! :-) I love the orange too. I'm def. going to have to wear the orange on it's own sometime soon.

    Silke...Thank you! I love them too, but them again I love pretty much anything pumpkin. ;-)

    ptitemeve...Thank you! I love Halloween too! :-)

  14. Wow this is awesome! That close up shot is great! Hope your dogs ultrasound goes ok!

  15. That is awesome! I love it and that glitter oh wow.

    I hope Buster is doing better! Sending good vibes for you guys :)

  16. Fingers...Thank you so much! I got great news on Buster's ultrasound! It was totally clear! :-) Best news I've heard! I was such a nervous wreck. Seriously. I was awful.

    turtlechick12....Thank you! I really appreciate it. We got good news from his ultrasound! It was clear! yay!!!! It made my day! ;-)