Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!!! Here's my Halloween mani. :-)

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! Do you have anything fun going on tonight? We're just going to stay in, and hand out candy to the trick or treaters. We always have tons of kids coming by, and it's fun to see them all dressed up. Whatever you are doing tonight, I hope you have a good time. :-)

For my Halloween Mani. I used several polishes. I'm going to post the pics. first, and then I'll tell you what I used.

Left thumb.

Right thumb.

On my pointer finger, I used China Glaze Grape Pop, and Blue Cross Pumpkin moons/ silver glitter. On my middle finger, Orly Fresh and Blue Cross Pumpkin silver/black glitter. Ring finger is Blue Cross black creme pumpkin, and Love & Beauty Green glitter. Pinky is Sally Hansen Sun Kissed, and L.A. Girl Uninhibited. My thumbs are Orly Fresh and Blue Cross Pumpkin silver/black glitter. I used Joby Halloween nail stickers on each finger as well.

I wasn't sure how it would turn out, but I really like this mani. :-) I never know when I use stickers if they'll work well or not. They are usually hit or miss. I got lucky this time, and didn't have trouble with any of them.

Here are a few more pics.

With just the base colors on.

With the glitter added.

One more of the final mani.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you have a wonderful night! :-)


  1. Peace,Love and Polish....Thanks so much! :-)

    turtlechick12.....Thank you! :-)

    Polish AMOR.....Thanks! :-)

  2. THis is super cute! I love it!!! Great job!


  3. What a fun mani! The pumpkin is my favorite, I think--or maybe the moon. It's hard to decide. :)

  4. Alexis....Thank you so much! :-)

    KarenD...Thanks! It was fun to wear....I didn't want to take it off yet, but decided I'd better. ;-)

  5. This mani looks GREAT! I absolutely LOVE it!!!