Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Watermelon by The Hungry Asian

Good afternoon! How's your day going? Mine's going slow! I'm so thrown off the days, because of the holiday this week. I almost forgot that it's pink Wed. ;-) I decided to wear a polish that I got from The Hungry Asian awhile back. It's called Watermelon, and it's a bright pink color with green glitter. I love it! It applied wonderfully, and I used two coats.

I tried REALLY hard, but I just could not get the glitter to show green in my pics. very well. I took so many pics. but it looks like black glitter. You'll just have to trust me, that's it's green. ;-) That, and you can see in the bottle how green it is.

Thanks for looking, and I hope your day is going well! :-)


  1. pretty bright pink with GREEEEEN glitters!

  2. Pink with green glitter??? Why didn't I think of that!! Very pretty even if the camera didn't pick up all the details! The base color reminds me of Essie Watermelon as well, although it could just be name of the polish ;)

  3. Thats such a cute idea! The color is beautiful as well!(:

  4. wow, thats such a clever idea! hope you don't mind but i might try this myself, it looks lovely : )

  5. So pretty! I love it!

    Also, I tagged you for a blog award!

  6. Nailderella...Yes, green glitter! :-) Thanks!

    tasha...The base reminded me of Essie Watermelon too! Just with green glitter. :-)

    paint that nail....Thank you! :-) glitter! I love it! :-)

    nail loopy...Thanks, and of course I don't mind. I didn't make it. ;-)

    Lacquered Lover....Thanks, and thank you so much for the blog award! I really appreciate you thinking of me. :-)

    Joan...Thank you! :-)