Sunday, July 3, 2011

Stars and Stripes Shattered Mani.

Good morning! Today, I have the second of my three 4th of July manis. to show you. First I started out with a new polish from Claire's called Epic Winning. This is a gorgeous blue,teal and holographic glitter. It applied very well,dried fast and was opaque after three coats. On top of Epic Winning, I applied a coat of OPI Red Shatter. It applied/shattered really well. Much better than the first time I used it. I think the key, is to wait until the base polish is completely dry, and then add a thin coat of the shatter. Lastly, I added stars from another Claire's polish called Starstruck.

Pics. of the completed mani...

Without the stars...

Claire's Epic Winning on it's own.

Thanks for looking, and I hope you are having a great Sunday! :-)


  1. I put on zoya carmen, which is red, and then a coat of epic winning. Looks just like the 4th to me! So obviously I love yours too :)

  2. Wow this is fantastic! I ♥ it so much =]

  3. Love all of this - especially the stars. It's like a 4th of July explosion! LOL

  4. Oooh, awesome. I love this 4th of July mani, great use of the shatter. :D

  5. I love it with the stars. That's the best July 4th mani I've seen this year. :D

  6. That's a beautiful manicure. Most unique 4th of July mani I've seen. I've never really checked out the claires polishes. And I'm in there almost every week because it's my 4 year old favorite store.

  7. Fun, fun! Perfect to celebrate the day~

  8. Carmen...Thanks! Yours sounds really pretty! I think I'll have to try it sometime.

    BeautyBehaved...Thank you!

    Sara ♥'s ......Thank you so much!

    Megan Harmeyer....Ha, Ha! Thanks!

    Sarah....Thank you!

    Kimberly...Aw, thank you so much!

    Cindy.....Thank you much! :-) I appreciate it! You really should check out the polish at Claire's they have some great colors. :-)


  9. Girl your nail look amazzing I am sooo jeolouse!hahaha love love it