Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Nicole by OPI Canadian Exclusive Coral Denominator

Happy pink Wed! ;-) My husband was back in Canada again last week. He brought home some more polishes for me! Coral Denominator is a Canada exclusive found at Shopper's Drug Mart. I in in love with this polish!! It's a med. coral pink with tons of gold shimmer. I know pink and coral are two different colors, however they are both there in this polish. Kinda mixed. ;-) I don't have anything like it. It kind of reminds me, of a pink version of OPI's It's My Year. Application was great, and I used three pretty thick coats.

Don't forget to click on the pics. for a much better look.....especially the first two. ;-)

Thanks for looking, and have a great day! :-)


  1. Very pretty! I was going to pick this up but never did...

  2. oh yeah, I can see the pink and coral together!

  3. I need to check this out. Hope I can find a bottle :)

  4. I wanted this sooooo bad...too bad is is not available here in The Netherlands :(

  5. Veronica....Thanks! You should go get it! ;-) It's so's even better in real life. I have tons of polish, but nothing like this one.

    BeautyBehaved.....Me too! The gold shimmer is what makes this polish. ;-)

    Nailderella....Ha, Ha....good, it's not just me then! It was kind of hard to explain. :-)

    jaybird....Thanks! How are you doing? I hope things are going much better for you. :-)

    Persnickety Polish....Thank you! :-)

    Lucy....You really do! LOL! ;-) I hope you can find it too. It's a great color.

    Crystal...I got really lucky. My husband is from Canada. We're in the US, but his family still lives in Canada. He went to visit, and was able to find it for me. Otherwise, I wouldn't have gotten it either. Have you looked online? Maybe you can find it somewhere.

  6. Would you say this is close to zoya's Tiffany polish?