Saturday, July 9, 2011

Claire's Bedazzled & Revlon Mystical

Hey guys! This is going to be a quick post, as it's 11pm and I have to get up at 4am!! Ugh. I wanted to let you know I might be a bit scarce for the next week. I'm going on vacation, but I will try to pop in from time to time. :-)

For my mani. today, I used Claire's Bedazzled which is a GREAT multi colored glitter. It has small round glitter,med. sized round glitter, and hex glitter. I used three coats and it was pretty much opaque. I then added two coats of Revlon Mystical over top. Mystical is a sheer jelly, and it's a berry/plum color. It looks pretty cool over a glitter. :-)

Bedazzled on it's own.

Close Up.

Well, I hope you are having a wonderful weekend! I will see you in a few days. :-)


  1. claires bedazzzled is a nice glitter!
    love the close up!

    <3 BB

  2. I Iove claire's bedazzeled!!! As a matter of fact my manicure today is sporting it!!! I will post later this week!

  3. Love bedazzled! So pretty.:)

  4. I love this! I might try a similar one with Milani Gems and one of the OPI Texas collection jellies.

  5. wow again i love this, a new nail polish added to my wishlist, your fault ! lol, have a nice holiday : )

  6. Pretty mani!

    Have a great vacay. :D

  7. Love Bedazzled on it's own:)

  8. Holy moly that's some BLING! It took me a minute to put it all together but yowza does that ever look awesome with the layer of color over the top.

  9. I loooove the way it looks layered. Awesome! Have a great vacay.

  10. BeautyBehaved...Thanks! I liked the close up too! It looks like jewels! ;-)

    imfeelingnail-venturous....Isn't it a great glitter?! I'm going to have to go check yours out too! :-)

    Carmen...Thank you! :-)

    Jill....Thanks! You'll have to let me know if you try that! It sounds great! :-)

    nail loopy...LOL!! Happy to help! ;-) Thank you so much. We had a great vacation!

    Ice Queen....Thanks so much! It was great! :-)

    Persnickety Polish...Thank you! :-)

    Sanna....Thanks! I do too....I'm going to have to do a mani. with it alone soon. :-)

    Nail Nerd....Ha, Ha! Thank you! ;-)

    ABOP....Thanks! We did have a great vacation! I want to go back! lol