Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Cosmo. Wild Thing,New York Summer Glitter,and Kitty Update!

Happy Wed! First of all, I want to think all of you who sent good wishes for my Morris cat. They worked! :-) We got good news Mon. at the vet. He had no signs of heart disease, and the slight murmur he has, is a benign condition. He really needs to have a tooth out, as it has a hole in it. It's red and swollen, and most likely causing him some pain. Since his Cardiac exam was so good, the vet said he is at no more risk than a normal cat. So tomorrow morning, he will be having his dental, with a tooth removal. Even though we got the good news, and the go ahead, I'm still a little nervous. I always am when one of my pets has to be under. Hopefully everything will go just fine. I'm sure he will not be a very happy cat, until he's home and comfy. ;-)

Today, for pink Wed. I have on a polish from Cosmopolitan magazine. It was free polish, I got for sending some kind of a text message. I had heard about it on MUA so I tried it, forgot about it, and got it the other day. A couple months later. It's actually a pretty nice polish. It's called Wild Thing, and it's a very hot pink color. The formula was a bit think, but nothing too awful. It was free, so I'm not complaining. ;-) I used two coats, and this is one bright color! It was so bright it was hard to get great pics. but they are pretty close to accurate.

I added a coat of New York Summer Vegas Silver to it. VS has small silver glitter pieces and holo bar glitter. I'm not always a fan of bar glitter, but I quite like this one, a lot.

First up, are pics. of the finished mani. (you might want to click on the pics. to see the glitter much better)

Here is Wild Thing on it's own.

Thanks for looking, and if you could send good thoughts/wishes/prayers my Morris cat that things go really well for him tomorrow, we'd really appreciate it! :-) I'll update tomorrow after he's home.


  1. So bright, fantastic color for warm weather, plus it was FREE!

  2. Free is always good, even if it means slightly thick polish. ;) I will definitely say a Morris-themed prayer tomorrow. I'm sure he will be in fine condition.

  3. Glad you got good news! Love this manicure. So freaking awesome!

  4. awww im glad to here hes doing good with his heart(: many prayers for the baby(:

    pretty mani! love the glitterr!

    <3 BB

  5. Man thats a loud pink!! Glad Morris is ok! Today is my Checker's bday-she is 9

  6. wow, such a bright pink, loove it and i'm glad morris is ok, also i still haven't got any email checked the junk, not sure if you sent it yet ; )

  7. i loved the sparkle!!

  8. Freshie...Thanks! I agree! The weather was hot when I wore this last week, and now it feels like fall! lol...that's KS weather for ya though.

    A Polished Touch...That is very true! ;-) Thank you so much for saying a Morris prayer! I really appreciate it. So much. :-)

    imfeelingnail-venturous....Thank you so much! :-)

    BeautyBehaved...Thank you! I really,really appreciate it. He is my baby! ;-)

    Fingers...Thank you so much, and Happy (late) Birthday to Checker's!! :-)

    nail loopy....Thank you! :-) I'm glad we FINALLY got the emails straightened out! I'm actually off to mail you again. ;-)

    Shout it....Thanks!