Friday, November 19, 2010

Red Glitter Bomb!!! Red Snowman,Zoya Delilah and WnW Prancer.

Happy Friday!! How has your day been? Mine has been great! It is Fri. after all. ;-) I have a pretty awesome mani. for you today. I was in a red mood, and I started out with one of the Blue Cross Snowman polishes, a red creme. I am really surprised by how great the formula and application are on these guys. I used two coats, and it went on very smoothly.

The first few pics. are not the greatest and are before clean up, but the last set of pics. are pretty cool. ;-)

Here's the red snowman

I then put two coats of Zoya Delilah on. This is a great polish both layered and alone. Very pretty red jelly with red glitter.

Then I topped it all off with Wet 'n Wild Prancer. My new love! :-) I kinda,sorta,maybe have TEN bottles of this stuff. It is awesome!! You def. need to click on these pis. to get the full effect. LOTS of pics. ahead! LOL!

Whew! That was a lot of pics. I just couldn't pic. my favs. so I decided to post them all.

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend! :-)


  1. I love this look so much I might have to copy it exactly. :) Though I don't think I have Delilah, so I might have to deviate just a bit.

  2. I have Prancer coming in the mail to me and I'm so excited! It just looks great! Plus the snowman with the adorable top hat is so cute! Great post and mani!

  3. o0o ALMOST got Prancer yesterday, i did buy Dancer and....the gold glitter now im going to have to get this tomorrow. (damn it walgreens, why do you have to be next to my work!?)

  4. KarenD....Thank you! :-) Do you have Zoya Jade? It's pretty close to Delilah. Or have you seen the Elf three pack for $3 at Target? There is a red glitter in there that would work too. :-)

    Hebridean Sprite....Thanks! You will LOVE Prancer!! I only wish it came in bigger bottles!

    Kalee....You def. need to go back and get Prancer! I think it's a must have for everyone! lol! I know what you mean. I have two WG that are less than 5 min. from my house. It's way too easy to go in all the time!

  5. I'm going to have to get that Prancer. That makes one gorgeous manicure. Love it.

  6. Lucy....Thank you so much! :-) You should def pick up Prancer. It's such a pretty polish! I don't want to be with out it!

  7. Ah I love glitter jellies, but it pains me to have to scrape them off my nails afterwards. Do you find the WnW's glitters hard to remove??


  8. Michelle...I actually had no troubles at all removing this. I use a scrubby jar on glitters and they work so well for me. Better than foil. Have you tired one?