Thursday, November 11, 2010

2 NOTD Pics. MAC and OPI. One fail, one not. :-)

I'll post the fail first. It's MAC Style Clan. It's SO pretty in the bottle...

but SOOO fail on the nail....just yuck. :-(

Doesn't that just look........gross? The brush was awful, and the polish was streaky too. The bronze glitter that looked so pretty in the bottle? You can hardly see it. :-(

I tried to make it better by putting CND Gold Sparkle on top. It helped. A bit.

The funny thing? I was in Ulta yesterday, and a lady checking out beside me, and the girl checking me out, both LOVED the color...and that was BEFORE I put the CND on!

Ok. Enough of that. On to the win! ;-)

OPI Simmer & Shimmer....LOVE this one! :-) It's a mixture of different colored glitters, with blue being the standout. Besides blue, it also has pink,gold,silver,orange and red glitter. Application was good, and I used three coats.

Now, isn't that MUCH better than the first mani? LOL! Do you have either of these colors? If you have Style Clan, do you have any ideas on how to make it better?

Bottom line here....Style Clan is a def. pass and Simmer & Shimmer is a def. must. :-)

Have a great night!


  1. Looks as if it is time to dig out your receipt and return that muddy mess. Then you can get a polish you will love. :D

    Simmer and Shimmer is on my waaaant list. And it just got bumped up another spot. Wow. Pretty stuff. :D

  2. Eeeeep that MAC is a pass for me!
    I hate it when the color looks so nice in the bottle but just fails to impress on the nail... or sometimes it looks average in the bottle and ah-mazing on the nail! So deceiving...but I guess that's why we need nail swatches!

    I don't own any glitter polishes but I ordered a couple from the OPI Burlesque Collection and I cant wait to try them!

  3. I loved mac and hated the opi - 100 people, 100 tastes :)

  4. Wow, the first one is really yuck! So ugly!
    I loooove Simmer & Shimmer, it's really amazing! Only a pain in the ass to remove I think?

  5. Ice Queen...I think I will see if they will let me. I don't know if they will since I already used it though. I hope you are able to find Simmer and Shimmer soon. It's even better in person! :-)

    tasha...Me too! Trust me, you aren't missing anything skipping on the MAC. Now, Simmer and Shimmer is another story! You NEED it! ;-)

    Twister...Thank you! :-)

    splattergirl...Well, thank you! :-) You are so right..everyone has different tastes. I'm glad you liked the MAC. Do you have it?

    Lois...Agreed!'s pretty bad. Simmer & Shimmer is great though, and I had absolutely no problems removing it! I was surprised. :-)

  6. I actually like Style Clan, though I don't think it looks nearly as nice as it does in the bottle. Simmer & Shimmer, on the other hand, is absolutely gorgeous!

  7. I have the MAC but haven't worn it yet. Love that glitter and will have to buy it.

  8. I saw that you used Milani High Fashion in another mani, maybe you could use it with MAC Style Clan to bring back the copper shimmer/glitter, although High Fashion also has fine blue glitter in it. My other suggestion is Tipsy, that was one of WnW's Wild Shine Christmas polishes, it's a copper glitter top coat. Hopefully you picked that one up? On the other hand, were you lucky enough to be able to return Style Clan?