Monday, November 8, 2010

Ice Cream scented Snowmen polish and Ornaments haul!

Good afternoon my lovely followers! :-) How are you guys doing? I'm soo tired today! My dogs don't quite understand this getting an extra hour of sleep thing. lol!

Over the weekend, I found some of the Blue Cross Snowmen polishes! They aren't just the reg. Snowmen, but they are ice cream cone topped and scented! They actually do smell pretty good. My fav. scent is the gumball. I also found some chunky glitter polishes called ornaments, from Blue Cross. They had Ornaments minis that came in sets, and I got both of those as well. I found these at a grocery store called Hy-Vee.

The Snowmen

The orange one has glitter!

Ornaments (all chunky glitters)

And this is what happened right after I took this pic. :-(

Yeah. Not pretty. :-( Of course the purple one was the one I couldn't wait to try.

The mini Ornaments sets

Chunky glitter minis,a silver (kind of holo) and a red flakie!

Close up of the flakie

The second mini set....It's kind of hard to tell, all but one of these have a shimmer/pearl effect. I think they will be great as top coats. The one that doesn't have the shimmer is a red creme.

Close can kinda see the shimmer in them. The white and blue ones are my favs.

Have you seen any of these? Any different ones? I love the little snowmen polishes. :-)


  1. OMG those snowmen polishes are adorable! And scented too?! Why don't they sell stuff like this over here! I'm also loving the red flakie polish, can't wait to see a swatch ;) And the two blue glitter minis as well! *drool*

    What a shame that the purple one broke :( Hopefully you'll be able to replace it.

  2. very cute packaging. cant wait to see swatches. if you dont mind me asking how much were these

  3. Those ice cream snowmen are wild, like three concepts in one polish.

  4. These are really cute. I think they must use the same polishes and different containers for each holilday. Shame the bottle broke. They do have some nice polishes.

  5. wow I love it! the snowmen polishes are so cute!

  6. Those snowmen polishes are adorable! And the polishes with flakies look pretty cool, too. Sorry about the spill...that's never fun :/

  7. Those Ice cream snowmen are cute!!

  8. Those are cute - can't wait to check my local hy-vee and see if they have them *fingers crossed*

  9. Jette....This is the fist year, I've seen them around here, so don't give up hope yet! ;-) Yeah, the purple one was not much fun to clean up. Ugh. I'll probably get another one though. :-)

    AggiePigeon...Aren't they?! I was so excited when I saw them. lol

    Twister...They were $3 each and the mini sets were $5

    Karen...I know! :-) I had never seen any like them before, so I had to grab a few.

    Lucy...I kinda hope so...that way I won't be buying them every year! lol

    Art of Nail...I got a couple extra for our swap. :-)

    Aurora's Nails..Aren't they cute?! :-) Yeah, that was SO not fun to clean up. At all. At least it didn't spill on carpet though. That would have been worse.

    Spaceinvaders...I love them! :-)

    amanda....Good luck! I hope you are able to find them! :-)

  10. The snowmen are so adorable!!


  11. Mia...Thanks! I LOVE them! They are really cute. :-)

  12. These all look great! I can't wait to see what the flakie looks like.