Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Sinful Colors Cream Pink

Well, it's pink Wed. again! This is going to be a short post, as we are having tornado warnings AGAIN! I'm SO ready for tornado season to be over. Unfortunately, it's just beginning. Ugh.

Anyway, I have on Sinful Colors Cream Pink. It's a bright pink with hidden gold shimmer. It's funny, in the bottle the shimmer looks silver, but on the nail it looks gold. Application was really good, and I used two coats.

It was hard to get a good pic. showing the shimmer, but you can see it pretty well in this next pic.

Have a great night, and I hope you all stay safe! :-)


  1. I really like that shade! I know those tornados are getting worse every year! I don't know what is with that!!! Be safe :)

  2. You stay safe! I already texted my mom and told her to go to the basement & stay there! Can't take any chances.

  3. Be safe with the storms! Loving that pink as well! So bright and shiny!

  4. PurrceptiveVixxen....Thank you! :-) They are, and I don't like it! They are scary, that's for sure!

    jaybird....Thank you! I feel like I've lived in my basement this week! I def. agree you can't take chances. I hope your mom is okay.

    Lacquered Lover...Thank you so much! :-)

  5. I would be terrified with all those tornadoes. Hope it ends very soon. Love Sinful Colors. Great price and great polish.