Monday, June 28, 2010

Hello and Birthday Nails!

Hello nail world! :-) I'm new to this, but have been wanting to start a blog for awhile now. I had intended to start this on my birthday, which was this past Wed. (June 23)but WOW! What a day I ended up having. The night before, I ended up going to a hotel with my two dogs at around 10pm. Our air conditioner decided to stop working, and it was around 102 degrees. It was awful. We bought an entire new system two years ago, so we were NOT happy with it going out. The day of my birthday, I wake up feeling sick. Great. My husband calls, and informs me that he's going to have to drive three and a half hours away, to get the part of the air conditioner that has gone out. Just wonderful. Awesome that the air will be fixed, but not so cool that my entire birthday has to be taken up with it all. I check out of the hotel with my dogs and go home. The heat got to be unbearable for my dogs, so I ended up taking them to the vet for the day and night. Poor dogs were not happy campers. At least they were cool though. I on the other hand, was not. I basically spent the day sitting around sick, and trying to stay cool. Didn't happen. We managed to make it through the night, and the air did get fixed the next day. Thank goodness! Was able to celebrate my b-day then. It was still good, just not on my day. Ah, well. I guess that's what being a grown up is about huh? I did end up getting a TON of awesome nail polish though! I mean a lot. As in over 20 bottles. Lots of BB Couture,some Nfu-Oh,Orly,Lippmann etc....I will be swatching them all over the next few weeks. :-) I did manage to do a birthday mani on my day. I bought Happy Birthday from the Lippmann Collection several months back. It was hard to get, but I had to have it. I wanted to use it on my b-day. I ended up using China Glaze For Audrey with Happy Birthday over top. I really liked it, and got quite a few compliments from strangers on it. So, I guess I did ok. ;-)

Before I post pics. I have to warn you, that my cuticles are not in the best shape. I'm working on it though. My nails aren't super long, but I'm working on growing them out. I've had acrylic nails on for years. I finally decided I'd had enough with them for awhile, and wanted to grow my own out again. So, I'm in the process of getting my nails healthy again. I'm getting there. Any tips or advice would be great too!

Ok, on to the pics! :-)

China Glaze For Audrey

With Lippmann Happy Birthday on top


  1. This is a super cute manicure!

  2. Thank you! :-) Also, thanks for the following. I appreciate it.

  3. Perfect for your birthday! Hope all the polish made up for the bad day ;)

    Thanks for following my blog and welcome to nail polish blogging world as I'm new myself- and obsessed!

  4. Thanks, Freshie! I'm glad to have you following me. :-)

    The polish did indeed, make up for it all. I got a crazy amount of polish as gifts. I couldn't believe it!

  5. super cute! i really need all the lippmann glitters!! and happy belated birthday :)

  6. Hi, Kelli. Thanks for following. :-) Thanks for b-day wishes too. I caved, and pre-ordered all the new Lippmann glitters. Got them as a b-day gift to myself!