Monday, June 28, 2010

New Wet n Wild.....Based on TV shows!

Two posts in one day! I'm doing ok with this whole blogging thing....I think. Although, I don't know why my pics. are so darn big?! I've resized them twice, but they keep showing up huge! I'm using photobucket if that helps any? Anyway, if anyone knows what I'm doing wrong let me know! (THANKS TO JEN for helping me figure it out!) I guess I need some followers first. LOL! Anyway, I'm sure that most of you have seen the new Wet n Wild vacation destination polishes. The cremes and the shimmers? Here's a pic....

Yeah, those. Well, I've been looking for them FOREVER it seems, with no luck. Those and the new Milani metals. I had a free day today, and decided to go for a drive looking for them. Yet again. I went to not one,not two, but EIGHT CVS/Walgreens stores! Yes, eight. Can you say I'm a little obsessed with finding them?! Do you think I found them? A big fat NO. Ugh. I don't know why they aren't anywhere around here. Anyway, as I was heading home, I decided to stop at one more WG. I didn't even take my money in with me, as I was pretty sure I'd just be running in and back out again. I go in, look all over, and you guessed it, Nothing. Just as I'm heading out, a new display that is half hidden catches my eye. There they were! The Wet n Wild collection I'd been looking for. Or so I thought. I run out, grab my purse,run back in, and start grabbing one of each up. Then I look at them a little closer and realize that it is not them! However, it is a NEW Craze collection that I have not seen or heard about yet. I was a little disappointed that they weren't the polishes I'd thought I'd found, but I got four of them anyway. There were about eight all together I think. I go pay for them, and my total comes up to $6.48! The polishes are $1.99 each, but they were buy one get one half off. I would have bought more of them, if I had known that. I still might go get a couple more, but I also still want the other collection!!! UGH! I WILL find them!

Here are the colors I did get:

The Wonder Yellows,How I Met Your Magenta,Gray's Anatomy and The Gold & The Beautiful

All were two coats, and application was really good. None of them were streaky. Surprising even The Wonder Yellows. I do think this might be a first. A non streaky yellow! :-)

How I Met Your Magenta

The Wonder Yellows

The Gold & The Beautiful



Gray's Anatomy....I have to admit, part of me bought this just for the name. It's one of my all time fav. shows. I ended up really liking it once I tired it.

Have you seen this collection? What do you think of it?


  1. "How I Met Your Magenta" and "The Gold & The Beautiful" look awesome on your hands!

  2. Thanks so much! It's funny you say that, as I think out of the four, those are my two favs. I really like the other two, but not so sure they look so great on me. Have you seen this collection yet?

  3. I haven't seen this collection yet, I like it!

    about the pictures- I upload mine directly into blogger when I create my posts. You can pick the size...small, medium, large etc... seems easier for me than trying to re-size on photobucket =)

  4. Thanks for following me! :-) I'm thinking about going back for a couple more of the WnW polishes. I sure wish I could find the other collection though.

    Thanks for tip on pics. I will definitely have to do that next time. Sounds so much better.

  5. I went back, deleted the pics. and used your advice. It worked, and SO much better! :-) Thanks again!

  6. I have not seen these! Looks like they're the regular size, not smaller like the vacation ones are.

  7. I ended up going back to get the two blues in the collection. Swatches to come soon. :-)

    Hi, Karen! Welcome! :-) They are the regular Craze sized bottles. Like the first set that came out. You are SO lucky to have found the vacation ones! I SO want them! lol....can ya tell?!

  8. I did find the teeny tiny craze collection 12 total. I have to look for these :)

  9. I think I have driven myself crazy trying to find the tiny craze collection. I don't know why, but they seem to be everywhere but around here!

    So far, this collection (the shows)I've only seen at one Walgreens, and I've been to quite a few of the last several days.

    I hope you can find them soon. :-) Did you find the vacation ones recently or has it been awhile?

  10. I love their fun, new little bottles! Great swatches :)

  11. Thank you, and thanks for following me! :-)

  12. I can't believe they made polishes with a play on TV show names, that's awesome!= LOL!! I like the ones you picked up!

  13. yours is the first swatches i've seen of these new w&w's so thanks for them!

  14. Judy.....Thanks! I know, isn't it cool? I have two more I need to swatch soon.

    Kelli...Your welcome! Thanks for following. :-) I hadn't seen them anywhere either.

  15. I haven't seen these yet! Great find!

  16. I think they are just starting to show up. I've now seen them at two Walgreen's. I hadn't seen them before I got them.