Monday, September 5, 2011

End of Summer Mani.. and Dolphin Glitter!

Good afternoon! Since it's labor day, that pretty much means the end of summer to me. We are having gorgeous fall like weather here, and I LOVE it! Fall is my absolute fav. time of year. I love pretty much everything about it. The odd thing? This year, I'm sorta sad to see the summer go. I'm not sure why, but it just seems like it really flew by this year. I decided to do an end of summer mani. It's okay, but I had such better visions of it in my mind. Do you ever do that? Have a great mani. planned in your head, but then you actually do it, and don't really like it? Hate that! That's kind of what happened with my mani. today.

I wanted to do a beach theme, but the sand color I used, turned out to look more like really went sand, and the stickers I used, don't want to stick so well. The glitter I used covered some of my dolphin glitters, and I guess I really just want to take it off. LOL! I'm going to try to be patient, and leave it on though. Until tomorrow. If I can stand it. ;-)

I used Lise Watier Blue-Tiful,Lise Watier Ile Deserte,PA AA01, and Joby nail stickers. Blue-Tiful is a pretty blue glass fleck shimmer and application was great. I did use three coats to get it opaque. Ile Deserte is a carmel color with gold and copper glitter. Application was great, and I used two coats. PA AA01 one is a really cool glitter. It has dolphin and star glitter pieces, mixed in with small blue glitter and med. sized silver glitter.

Let me know what you think of it. I kinda like it, but like I said it's not what I wanted it to look like. Kinda looks like a hot mess on my nails! LOL!

Click to see the dolphin's the best part of the mani. ;-)

Here are the two Lise Watier polishes before the stickers and glitter.

Thanks for looking, and I hope you are having a great Labor Day! :-)


  1. Dolphin glitter?!? Are you kidding! I think this is a super cute mani. I really like that carmel color too!

  2. It very cute!It sucks that the sticker don't want to stick but I love the blue nail polish with the glitter very cute!

  3. dolphin glitter <3 <3 <3 that's super cute!

  4. Gorgeous! I love the dolphin on your pinky!

  5. Cute! I love the dolphin glitter!

  6. This is so cute. I agree that the dolphin glitter is the best part!

  7. Super cute! This turned out really well!

  8. What a perfect end of summer mani...those dolphins are just too adorable!

  9. omg who knew dolphin glitter existed! I sure didn't. Ooh imagine the shapes that could also be created then....

  10. Angie...Thank you! I do love the dolphin glitter. Very much. The mani. somehow didn't turn out like I thought it would. I also like the carmel color, and will have to wear it as a full mani. soon. ;-)

    Pinkbeauty_love...Thank you! :-) Yes, I've had that trouble stickers before. Drives me crazy!

    Peredita...Thank you!


    Jossie..Thank you so much!


    Veronica...Thank you....I think the dolphin glitter makes it. I'm going to have to use them again.


    Sarah...Thank you! Yes, without the dolphin glitter, this mani. would have really been bad. LOL!

    imfeelingnail-venturous...Thank you so much! :-)

    mrsrexy...Thanks! I can't believe summer is almost over!

    justasachildof10mightact....I know!! As soon as I saw it, I had to have it! Now if I could just find bat and pumpkin glitter for Halloween!

  11. Goodness!!! I am in love with the dolphin glitter. Such a cute mani!!


  12. OMG! Just beautiful and creative. Love them!

  13. Alexisaurus...Thank you! :-) I love the dolphin glitter too. As soon as I saw it, I had to get it!

    Maricza...Thank you so much! :-)